General Jude B. K. Pao
6.29.1924 - 9.13.2015


I am Retired General Jude BK PAO, a veteran of the Republic of China Air Force in Taiwan. I asked my daughter, Kitty, to set up this website for my old comrades and friends to share our fond memories in the past – such as my pilot training at the old Army Air Corps (Army Air Forces) Flying School of the Western Training Command during Second World War under the US Lend-Lease Act for Foreign Student Training Package.

Even though I am old and unable to move around as I used to, I would like to share my story of becoming an Air Force flier in 1944 when China was fighting the Japanese, retreating to Taiwan after the Communists took over mainland, my first oversea assignment in Thailand, my involvement in the U2 Spy Plane Project in Taiwan and my long hard road to earn my Star. I shared our sorrows when we lost some brilliant young pilots during the fourteen year mission and celebrated with a few who were released later.  I also want to thank those who have extended their friendship to me and my wife when we were in Washington, DC and in Pretoria, South Africa during my diplomatic careers.


The US Lend-Lease Act (Chinese Airmen report) and the U2 project (see U2 Spy Plane in Taiwan are the historical documents which would be hard to find in the years to come.


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