General Jude B. K. Pao
6.29.1924 - 9.13.2015
My Life

Jude BK Pao, Chinese name Pao Bing-kwang (International code 0545 3521 0342), was born in Kwangtung Province, southern part of China on 29 June, 1924.  General Pao died in Taiwan on 13 September, 2015.

In my early days, I studied in the primary and middle schools of the famous Dr. Sun Yet-Sen's University in Canton, China. The Japanese invasion to China had torn the country apart and the constant bombing had destroyed many schools.  Seeing many of my young friends got killed by the Japanese bombs, I decided to join the military. In the spring of 1944   I applied and was accepted by the air force flying school in Kunming. The school later became the Chinese Air Force Academy.  ….

In 1945, I was sent to the U.S. under the U.S. Lend-Lease Act to train as a combat pilot and later a reconnaissance pilot (photo joe) flying P-38 -  click to read my story P-38 Lightning and Chinese Air Force Reconnaissance.  ….

Starting off as a buck pilot, I took on  a variety of assignments, such as, Squadron Operations Officer, Flight Leader, Chief Operations, Squadron Commander and Sino-American U-2 Detachment Executive Officer (XO), etc., etc.

     Throughout my military careers  I was awarded twenty-two decorations and medals for bravery and/or best conduct plus three medals from foreign governments for extraordinary services. A dedicated Air Force officer, I was promoted to General in 1976. ….


For those who are interested in reading Gen. Pao's full bio, you can click his bio in Roadrunnersinternationale  or read his story (Long Road to Wings) or  view his life in photos.








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